Courage To Lead - Faith To Follow



NEW!! The FIRST SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH- we worship as one congregation, One Marshall, starting at 10:00am. Communion will be served at this time. Also, Children's programming is provided. Otherwise, join us to celebrate the Word of God at our 9 AM Contemporary Worship and 10:30 AM Traditional Worship services.   Music is a strong foundation for our Christian life. The broad spectrum of musical genres and style range from rock, folk and funk to classical and jazz. At the Traditional Service, our chancel and hand bell choir are directed by Frank Pierce while the Contemporary Band is inspired by singer/songwriters Annette Haas and Kenny Munshaw. Cross Country, (Sunday School) is a special time within the worship service where children are treated to their own activity time to learn about Jesus in a fun and stimulating way.

By the way, we serve coffee, juices and snacks prior to the 9:00 AM Contemporary Service in the Gathering Place and following the 10:30 AM Traditional Service.



This one hour service actually begins at 8:50 AM with live pre-service music presented by our Contemporary Band under the leadership of singer/songwriter, Annette Haas.  Our Contemporary Team incorporate drama, skits and multi-media to help deliver stimulating messages tied to scripture. Rev. Disher delivers a pertinent message that will resound with you over the week. The Contemporary Worship Service is regularly 'live stream' broadcasted over the internet allowing people who are shut-in or away from home to enjoy a virtual worship experience. 


At our 10:30 AM service, the Traditional Worship celebrate our Christian faith with our magnificent chancel choir directed by Frank Pierce.

CROSS COUNTRY:  (Sunday School)

It's not Sunday "school". It's Cross Country, a special time when infants, toddlers, children and youth gather for their own celebration of Jesus. Although families join the worship service together, early in the service a childrens' time of song and prayer marks the departure time to Cross Country time where children participate in stories, crafts and activities that stimulate and nurture them in their early journey with Jesus.