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Mission Giving

Mission Giving

In a world filled with turmoil, it is only natural to want to provide for the poor and disadvantaged people in our local and global communities. Providing a gift that will nourish these needs is always a generous method of giving others a 'leg up' in a time of need. Marshall Memorial United Church has been active in both local and global missions over its 60 year history.

Locally we provide for several missions including The Living Rock and Wesley Urban Ministries.

On a more international scale we have been helping to build homes and schools in the Dominican Republic. We are providing mission ministry to Africa in places like Looderiak, Kenya and Watoto, Uganda. Mission giving is not limited to financial generosity. Each year for the last several years, teams of people from Marshall have travelled to the Dominican Republic to give of their talents and sweat by picking up a hammer and helping to actually construct homes and schools. 

Marshall wants to live by it's new vision statement: "Walking in God's Way, Serving in God's World".  By giving to Marshall, you will help us achieve our vision.  Just click on the DONATE NOW button below to help us make our vision a reality.


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